ProBiostatin Livestock Sheep/Goat Formula is a feed additive that offers an all-natural, chemical-free product to improve the delivery and survivability of beneficial livestock probiotics. This unique, patented formula is designed to increase the microbial mass of the intestinal tract and increase the beneficial uptake and utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients in the existing livestock diet.

Trials have shown it reduces or eliminates the use of antibiotics, lowers mortality and morbidity rates and increases the uptake of feed nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


ProBiostatin Sheep/Goat Probiotic

ProBiostatin Livestock Is Available in Formulas For Equine, Dairy, Steers, Sheep, Swine, Poultry, Goats, Alpacas & Llamas ~ Also available in larger bulk quantity of 50-lb tubs…ask for quote.
2.35-lb Sheep/Goat $ 89.95 ea
1.5-lb Sheep/Goat $ 59.95 ea

If you have a medium to large size herd, you may want to consider purchasing in bulk 50-lb tubs, which is more cost effective. The product has an 18-24-mos. shelf life from the time of manufacture, which can be different from the time of actual delivery. Currently, orders of 50-lb tubs or more are eligible for FREE FREIGHT.  Contact us for quote.

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Quantity Discounts Available. Please Inquire!