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ProActive ProBiostatin Poultry Formula  is great for commercial operations or backyard enthusiasts. It is especially recommended for young birds right from the hatch as a preventative and as an aid in keeping them disease-free as they mature into adult birds. Probiotics are also thought to combat coccidiosis and salmonella in chicks. Improving gut health with this unique formula will have lifelong benefits.

Our Poultry Formula is a Direct-Fed Microbial that offers an all-natural, chemical-free product to improve the delivery and survivability of beneficial probiotics. This unique, patented formula is designed to increase the microbial mass of the intestinal tract and increase the beneficial uptake and utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients in the existing poultry diet.

ProActive ProBiostatin Poultry formula is also antibiotic resistant and contains a patented technology that allows for a much higher delivery and survivability of the beneficial probiotics throughout the entire digestive tract, making it more effective than other products on the market. It is capable of replicating the bird’s natural beneficial microflora through every stage of the digestive tract, allowing for proliferation of the good, essential bacteria required for the health of the animal. It forms an important barrier along the intestinal walls that helps prevent pathogens from adhering, thereby reducing the cause of illness & disease. 

Trials have shown it reduces or eliminates the use of antibiotics, lowers mortality and morbidity rates and increases the overall health and production throughout the life of the birds.

Some of the beneficial signs of feeding ProActive ProBiostatin for Poultry are:

  • Enhances growth performance
  • Stronger immune response
  • Improves egg production
  • Lowers the risk of disease
  • Reduces need for antibiotics
  • Stronger egg shells
  • Improves intestinal health
  • Aids in digestion & feed efficiency
  • Reduces ammonia in feces & fly problems

“Direct-fed microbials encourage healthy gut development, decrease disease-causing microbes in the digestive system and improve broiler performance,” they said in an issue of Cowpoke, a publication from the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University.

Shelf life when stored properly is 2 years from date of manufacture. No refrigeration required. Although cold doesn’t affect it, heat does. Probiotic should be stored out of direct sunlight and where temperature doesn’t exceed 75 degrees fahrenheit. 

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