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ProActive ProBiostatin Bovine formula is a breakthrough in the science of developing an all-natural, chemical-free product to improve the delivery and survivability of beneficial livestock probiotics. Its ability to move nutrients, vitamins, and minerals through the digestive system is improved due to a special patented gastric technology that allows for greater survivability of the beneficial probiotics.

ProActive ProBiostatin Bovine has produced a number of superior results, is clinically proven, and AAFCO approved and has also been certified organic by OEFFA. It has been shown in numerous field trials to produce healthier, more robust animals for human consumption.

It is designed to increase the microbial mass of the intestinal tract and increase the beneficial uptake and utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients in the existing livestock diet. Trials have shown results with improved gut and rumen health as well as supporting beneficial weight gain.

A partial list of our ProBiostatin Livestock benefits for Cattle to also include Dairy Production:

  • Bio-regulation of intestinal flora
  • Strengthens immune system (lowers infection)
  • Reduced Mortality calf rates
  • Helps prevent pathogens in the gut
  • Antibiotic resistant and Gastric Shock resistant
  • Better utilization of feed and nutrient uptake to animal’s system
  • Reduces effects of stress on the animal
  • A Healthy Gut is a Healthy Bovine

ProBiostatin is all natural and safe. It supports a healthy rumen and shows quantifiable results not seen with other methods or applications. The end results have shown improved productivity to the producer and ultimately a higher quality food product to the consumer at a measurably lower cost.

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