Actistatin Canine


Powerful Protection

Rapid Joint Relief



Give your dog the absolute BEST in joint support!

Whether your dog is young and playful, is a working dog, competing, or just under the normal effects of aging, this exclusive, proven formula is the best joint support product for your companion. 

Actistatin Canine Soft Dog Chews are triple-patented and clinically proven joint support. Formulated for maximized absorption, increase bioavailability and Hyaluronan (HA) production, these soft chews will help enhance cartilage and soft tissue while fighting normal inflammation and free radicals. The added powerful antioxidants help blood flow. When confronted with dogs experiencing joint discomfort, Actistatin Soft Dog Chews are the ideal joint support choice for fast-acting joint care.

Highest Absorption Means REAL RESULTS!


Label Claim of Ingredients graph

  • Triple-patented Formula for Maximum Absorption.
  • 60% Absorption to the Bloodstream – The Highest of ANY Oral Joint Supplement.
  • Fights Normal Inflammatory Responses.
  • Promotes Joint Synovial Fluid Production.
  • Powerful Antioxidant & Omega-Rich Formula.
  • No Loading Dose.
  • Safe For Long Term Use.
  • The combination of all 4 forms of Glucosamine with Chondroitin Sulfate provides the highest absorption of any glucosamine or chondroitin product on the market today.
  • Actistatin fights normal inflammatory responses while maximizing absorption.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.

Actistatin Canine comes in two different size chews. Large Dog Chews are for dogs weighing 31 lbs or more. Small Dog Chews are for dogs weighing 30 lbs or less. Dosage is based on your dog’s weight, as follows:

31-50 lbs – 1 large chew daily                                      5-10 lbs – 1 small chew daily

51-100 lbs – 2 large chews daily                                  11-20 lbs – 2 small chews daily

101 lbs and over – 3 large chews daily                          21-30 lbs – 3 small chews daily


120-count Large Dog Chews (over 30 lbs) – $71.95                                

120-count Small Dog Chews (30 lbs or less) – $46.95

With the current environment, there may be a delay in order fulfillment times. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Actistatin Canine Joint Chews