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This NEW IMPROVED triple-patented formula provides MAXIMUM ABSORPTION for GUARANTEED RESULTS exactly where you need it… IN THE JOINT! With the addition of our proven ‘absorption enhancer,’ Actistatin, GLC’s patented technology delivers the highest levels of glucosamine into your system, as it increases the absorption rate of active ingredients in the system. This improved formulation of the GLC 2000 surpasses the competition, making it the most potent and dynamic joint formula available today! 

Our clinically-proven joint formula fights normal inflammatory responses, supports, promotes joint synovial fluid production, and enhances cartilage and soft tissue. This potent and unequaled formula also contains powerful antioxidants to fight free radicals.

It also increases circulation, absorption, and utilization of nutrients for remarkable joint support.

For those of you that enjoy working out at the gym, or maybe you’re a body builder, a marathon runner, or mountain climber, this powerful formula also helps speed recovery in joints and muscles. Give Actistatin Pro Athlete a try. We guarantee results or we’ll refund your money!


NEW! Actistatin Pro Athlete Human
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Actistatin Pro Athlete