ProActive ProBiostatin Livestock

ProActive ProBiostatin Livestock represents the newest development in improving the delivery and survivability of beneficial probiotics. By combining three patented technologies, we are able to increase the beneficial effect of specific probiotic strains by stabilizing gastric pH and reducing metabolic loss through the stomach.

ProActive ProBiostatin Livestock is designed to increase the microbial mass of the intestinal tract and increase the beneficial uptake and utilization of proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients in the existing livestock diet.

ProActive ProBiostatin Livestock contains three innovations in probiotic survivability. ProActive ProBiostatin Livestock works by combining our facilitating agent, a proven bio-regulator probiotic, and a proven probiotic strain that helps lower nutrient loss due to gastric shock. This powerful combination increases probiotic delivery through the stomach and allows for quantifiable results.

Our facilitator is a gastric stabilizer, clinically proven to aid in protein isolate survivability. Protected by two US patents, our all-natural facilitator reduces metabolic loss, gastric acid production and temporarily raises alkalinity to provide a favorable environment that reduces gastric shock responsible for the loss of most probiotics.

Our proven beneficial probiotic strains of microorganisms that have now been stabilized and isolated through a patented manufacturing process, allow for the first time, commercial applications for livestock & livestock production.

For the first time, our proven strains of probiotic facilitate the reduction of gastric loss and improve performance. Trials have shown it reduces or eliminates the use of antibiotics, lowers mortality and morbidity rates and increases the uptake of feed nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This unique combination represents the most effective probiotic application to date. We invite you to put ProActive ProBiostatin to work for you!

We offer formulas for most livestock.  Please refer to the menu under ‘ProActive ProBiostatin Livestock’ to find the appropriate livestock formula for you.